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May 19, 2011


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Excellent Post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Mark Germine, MD

Hello. I am a so-so pianist but do compose music in a neo-classical instrumental style using hynosis with another keyboard player and projection of listening to the piece in the future. I would love for a good pianist to play and maybe record one or two of my pieces. "Where Storms Graze" and "The Morning After" are my best pieces. But its hard to get the word our, or to know if my music is worthwhile without a pianist or audience. They are too complex for me to play myself. I compose electronically, not by performance. Look up:


Immortal Beloved

For I am a pianist and enjoyed your blog very much. Please write more, and I appreciate you taking to time to write about Beethoven. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.


Thank you for your comments Immortal! I hope you come back for more or add me to your blog rss feed.


Thanks Daniel!

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